Monday, 4 October 2010

Getting into your audiences mind

It’s been estimated that up to 90% of purchasing decisions are made sub-consciously. That means that up to 90% of what you buy, you don’t know why you’re buying or why you’re attracted to it.

The question to marketers is how to use this information to their advantage. The answer is by creating positive associations of their brand that will resonate in the minds of their target audience and create an unknown desirability which will encourage them to act and choose your brand above your competitors.

A common experiment by neuro marketers is to create several company names and show them to a sample group, with half of the names shown with a positive word flashed before the name, so fast that the audience’s conscious mind can’t take it in, and half with negative words. What happens a considerable amount of the time is the companies with positive words are seen with positive connotations by the audience, the names with negative words negative connotations. The audience sees the companies in these ways because their sub-conscious has taken in the positive words even if their conscious mind hasn’t, so the individual doesn’t realise they have the information in their brain and doesn’t realise why they feel that particular way about the company. Imagine how strong a brand you can create if you can develop strong positive feelings in your audience that they don’t even know are there?

I’m not suggesting you put subliminal messages in your adverts, which by the way is illegal, but what you can do with strong PR, well placed and consistent adverts, positive word of mouth and a consistent brand message is create a positive reputation for your company which will stick in the sub-conscious of your audience and work to your advantage the next time they are deciding which company to purchase from.

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