Wednesday, 11 August 2010

New ACA Code on Greenwashing

The ACA (Advertising Association) has implemented changes to the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) forbidding what is known as “Green Washing," exaggerating environmental claims. If you're promoting the benefits your products have on the environment, or promoting how certain actions harm or benefit the environment, make sure what you're saying is correct in order to avoid being caught up in these regulations.
The basic premise behind ensuring that environmental claims are correct is that when the average person does something good…they then believe they have the license to do something bad. For instance, should Joe from down the street use your product because it’s good for the environment, he then feels he has a license to fly tip, as all its doing is evening things up. If your product doesn’t do as good for the environment that you claim, then it’s actually had a negative effect on the environment. Obviously if you do good by the environment you shouldn’t feel like you can then even it up, you should just be glad to have helped, but unfortunately the psychology of the minds doesn’t work like that for the average person.
This may seem like the type of regulation that will only really affect or be implemented against large corporations, but the repercussions if you are caught can be very serious, so keep this in mind guys.

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