Friday, 30 July 2010

Why do chips from a chippie taste better??

Have you ever wondered why chips from a chippie taste better than chips you’ve cooked at home? They’re cooked in exactly the same way; you put the same salt and vinegar on them and eat them the same way.

The difference is with your cognitive association of what chips from a chippie are, and your pre conception of what they’re going to taste like. What you enjoy from the chip shop is the experience because it reminds you of previous experiences by taking advantage of your sense of smell, bringing back the memories and associated joys of growing up and eating out in these locations. This is the reason, even though regulations now forbid chip shops from wrapping their chips in news paper, they use paper that creates the same smell and taste in order to continue to utilise their advantage of a distinctive smell to differentiate them from regular chips.

Whatever your company is selling, how can you take advantage of your consumer’s senses in order to create positive pre-cognitive associations which will become a differentiator between you and your competition? Estate Agents bake bread in the oven when showing potential buyers around to create a homely smell and elicit positive associations, companies play soothing music in the receptions of their offices to create a relaxing atmosphere which customers are prepared to buy in, hotels create extravagant looking receptions to their complexes so you’ll remember them and desire to return in the future.

The main aspect which makes utilising the senses such an important and subtle marketing tool is it is largely sub-conscious. Whilst if consumers take the time to consider it they will realise the effect these strategies are having on their purchasing decisions, it is a rare occasion they do. It remains largely below the surface of their conscious mind, creating a sway towards you product greater than price or any attained benefits could attain.

Look into how you can utilise any of the five senses, taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch, for your product and you will be able to differentiate yourself and create brand loyalty, desirability and recall.

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