Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Selling McDonalds to Vegetarians

Whatever product or service you’re marketing, the most important thing to keep in mind is the answer to; “Who is your audience?” If you were selling high tech computers, would you aim for the over 90s market? If you were selling Lamborghinis, would you be putting your flyers up in the YMCA?

Knowing who your audience is and then finding the most cost effective method of reaching this audience is one of the key bases of marketing. Interacting with this audience allows you to determine and organize your supply and demand, as well as increasing short term sales and long term brand awareness with a participative audience. In theory if participating with a “pull” strategy you should know who your target audience is through your research before you even create whatever you’re supplying, but this is not always practical or realistic, especially in the current fast paced marketplace. But before you start selling, you should have a clear picture in your mind of who your audience is.

Demographics is the name given to the key characteristics of your audience. This includes age, income, geographic, nationality, whether they drive a car or not, even as far as which newspapers they buy. As much information as you can collect on your target audience can be used to promote your services to them. If you are selling to 20-50 year old males in a high income range, finding which newspapers they buy or radio they listen to is invaluable in targeting them with selective and relevant advertisements.

A common issue many marketers have with targeting particular audiences is they feel it alienates other audiences who are willing to purchase the product. The aim of audience segmentation is not to segregate audiences but to ensure the audience most likely to desire or need the product is made aware of its presence and then allowing viral marketing and word of mouth to carry the message to further audiences, creating brand awareness in the most cost effective manner mass marketing has to offer.

The next time you are about to launch a promotional campaign, ensure you give deep consideration to who your audience is, which are the best mediums to target them through and which message they’ll respond to.

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